durango elopement photographer

Respect + Inclusivity

I feel really passionate about making safe spaces for everyone, especially queer folks. It pains my heart when I get inquiries for a wedding and they feel that they have to ask if I'm willing to shoot them if they identify as gay or trans or queer. I welcome everyone. All races, orientations, genders, gender expressions, colors, religions, ages, shapes, and sizes.

Pagosa ski elopement

Love + Care for the Outdoors

I love being outside, in nature, exploring new places. And because I love it so much, I care that we all take good care of it and our planet with kindness. Some ways we can do that are by disposing of waste properly, respecting the wildlife, and leaving the beauty exactly as we found it.

Telluride elopement photographer

Fun + Laughter

I strive to make your experience full of good memories and happiness. It matters so much to me that my clients feel safe and happy. Please take a minute to read my reviews - I promise I will do everything I can to ensure that you're having a good time!!