There are so many great places to share your vows.

It's a hard decision to make with so many options! I'll try to help you narrow down your search by talking about a few of my most favorite places to shoot.

#1 Telluride

I think if I could only shoot in one place for the rest of my life, it would be Telluride. In the summer it has wildflowers and cascading waterfalls. In the winter, I love shooting at the ski resort. In the fall, the aspens all turn golden yellow. Year round, it has my favorite mountains that turn pink every single time the sun sets. If you are going to be in Southwest Colorado, this is a great place to elope.

#2 Durango

This town is full of fun. There are always festivals going on, there's a river running right through town and a historic train that goes up to Silverton every day. Just 30 minutes north of Durango, you can be in the high country with stunning mountain views. There's endless rock climbing, mountain biking and skiing to be had in Durango. It's a top pick for your elopement for sure.

# 3 Mancos

Smaller and quieter than Durango, Mancos sits just 30 minutes west. Mancos holds entry to the La Plata mountains and they are some of the most grandiose mountains around. Going up into the high country from Mancos, you can access beautiful fields, jagged peaks and wonderful wildflowers.

#4 Cortez

Even further west, you will find yourself in Cortez. The spot I love in Cortez is called Mcelmo canyon. It has giant red rocks and orange sand. It can feel otherworldly and exotic to be in the mountains one part of the day and the desert the next. I love the warm canyon to escape the winter cold. Cortez should definitely be an option when considering where to elope. There is even an airport that flies right into Cortez!

# 5 Dolores

Dolores is a hidden gem. A small town with a river running through it, and one of the best breweries in the area. She also has a huge lake with beautiful jutting cliffs. Perfect for an intimate elopement.

#6 Silverton

If your dream is to plunge into an alpine lake in your wedding apparel, look no further than Silverton. Silverton has all of my favorite lakes. Their colors range from emerald green, to turquoise, to crystalline blue. Paddleboarding, pack rafting, tubing, flipping, diving, you name it. I had to put Silverton, Colorado on this list for all of its beautiful lakes.

Want to hear more about specific locations in these Colorado mountain towns? Contact me and lets chat! We can even explore them together to make sure its your perfect spot!